About Prairie Sky Breads

“A Bakery Risen from Tradition”  


My passion for breadmaking began with my Nana. She always made the loveliest baked goods when I was growing up -- the breads and rolls and sweets that were a fixture at every family function and holiday celebrations. When I was a little older, I noticed that no one in our family had taken the time to master her recipes. As Nana grew older and baking became harder for her, our family risked loosing these breads -- and the traditions they were a part of. I decided that I would do my best to learn these recipes and carry forward the baking tradition in our family. So I baked with Nana. I learned her methods, her recipes... and I have treasured the memories of her sharing stories while we baked bread. One story Nana loves to tell is for one of our most popular recipes: our Oatmeal-Molasses Pan Bread recipe came from her neighbor who sold the loaves of bread for 10 cents during the Great Depression.  

Having a bakery was not a plan I had in mind. But as we have sold bread at the Minot Farmer's Market over the years, the response from you, our community members, has been remarkable. Your support has shown me the recipes I grew up with are as delicious today as they were then.  


Please join us on this journey from Nana’s kitchen, to farmer’s markets, and finally to our new home here in downtown Minot.