Hello, Baker Logan!

Meet the new baker at PSB: Logan Shipley! Born in Fargo, Logan moved to Minot early in life and has been here (mostly) ever since. A graduate of Minot High class of 2013, Logan then attended Minot State University to study business management before heading to the culinary school at North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton, ND. He graduated from culinary school in May of 2018… which is about when we met him!

Travis: Hey Logan!

Logan: Hey Travis!

Travis: Ready for an interview for a very public blog post?

Logan: Um…

Travis: Think fast! What was your favorite part of culinary school?

Logan: I really enjoyed getting involved in the community. We had the opportunity to cater many events through the school — either right in Wahpeton or in other communities. I remember once we catered an event in Fargo that featured Shaq as the keynote speaker! There were about 4,000 people at the event!

Travis: Cool! What about Farmer’s Market? How have you enjoyed that experience?

Logan: Farmer’s Markets are amazing. It is so wonderful to hear people responding to the bread and baked goods we make. I mean, this is why we do what we do! Hearing about how people enjoy our work… it keeps everything in perspective and creates connections between us and the people we bake for. It always brightens my day!

Travis: Right on! Now for a real tough question: what is your favorite bread?

Logan: Right now it is our Rustic Olive + Thyme loaf… but last week it was our Multi-Grain Pan Bread. It seems to change often! They are all good!

Travis: Okay, okay, so if the Rustic Olive + Thyme loaf is your favorite to eat… do you have a favorite item to make in the bakery?

Logan: I do really like making the Multi-Grain Pan Bread. When we roll it in seeds so that the outside of the loaf has all this color and texture… the final loaf just looks so good! I also like all our Rustic loaves that use the proofing baskets: seeing the flour marks on the bread is very cool.

Travis: We will be opening our storefront in early 2019. What are you excited about with regards to having our very own downtown bakery?

Logan: I am really excited to work on the hearth pizzas, seasonal soups and funky sandwiches.

Travis: Favorite sandwich?

Logan: Cubano!

Travis: Okay, last question: how in the world did you get into this crazy bakery work?

Logan: My grandma. Every time I was with my grandma, we cooked. She made everything from scratch. I got my love of cooking from her… and here I am!

Travis: Awesome! Well, it is rad to be working together. Can’t wait to see what you bake up next!

You can come say “hello!” to baker Logan every Saturday at the Minot Farmer’s Market, 9am - 11am at the Oak Park Shopping Center across from Oak Park. We are grateful to have Logan here at Prairie Sky Breads!

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