Grad Catering


Order online- orders must be placed the Friday before you’d like your order in order to prepare and order food.

Catering minimum- $35.00

10% discount on orders received before May 14th

Other food/ drinks can be arranged with notice. Any custom orders will require a deposit.

Please let us know in advance of any food allergies so that we can ensure extra care is taken in making your order.

Visit our website for information about allergens in weekly soup and sandwich specials.

Catering Services

Air Pot of Hot Coffee- Serves 10, Brownies- Serves 40, Brownies- Serves 60, Brownies-Serves 20, Bruschetta-Tomato, Brushetta- Salmon Avocado, Coffee services- cups, thermal coozies, sugar packs, cream, stir sticks!, Cookie Platter (24)- Monster Cookies, Cookie Platter (24)- Snickerdoodles, Cookie Platter (24)- variety, Extra Sweet Cream, Fruit Platter, Gallon Lemonade, Gallon of Black Organic Assam Unsweet Tea, Gallons of Cold Brew, Nana's Roll Sandwiches- Serve 20, Nana's Roll Sandwiches- Serve 60, Nana's Roll's Sandwiches- Serves 40, Party Buns (slider size) Nana's Rolls- 100 pack, Party Buns (slider size) Nana's Rolls- 24 Pack, Party Buns (slider size) Nana's Rolls- 60 pack, Party Buns (slider size) Nana's Rolls- 80 buns, Party Buns (slider size) Nana's Rolls-140 pack, Party Buns (slider size) Nana's Rolls-40 pack, Party Buns- (slider size)- 200 pack, Seasonal Mini Scones, Soup, Salad & Bead- Serve 20, Soup, Salad, & Bread- serve 10

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