Craft Night- Preserved Moss Wall Hanging


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Join us for a night of crafting! We’re going to make our own preserved moss wall hanging. This class will include alll the hot glue, all the moss, and choices in frame/sign shape. (Size of these signs range from circles that are around 1ft by 1ft- to rectangles that are skinny and 24-30 inches- so bigger than a diploma frame but not movie poster sized.) This craft is geared toward adult participation but anyone over the age of 10 can probably make it happen! We will use hot glue guns! If you have one bring it- I will bring glue sticks of all sizes! This craft is going to be very messy- if you’re allergic to moss I’m gonna guess this one might be a bad craft for you! Moss is not alive so if you’re rather green thumbless like me you will be able to keep it looking nice ;).

It will also be pizza night! (Pizza not currently included) Make it a date- pizza? Crafting? and a drink?! Let’s go!

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