During this Coronavirus outbreak we appreciate your continued support of our bakery! Our dining room is currently open. Pick-up and curbside options are still available and will be available forever- call or text: 858-0612 when you get to the store.

LUNCH MENU- 8:00 AM- 1:30 PM  COFFEE SHOP VIBES (limited menu)- 2 PM- 5 PM 

PIZZA- 5 PM- 7 PM (Thursdays and Fridays- all day Sunday)

CURRENT HOURS: (Delivery from 11AM- 1PM)


WED- 7:30 AM- 5:30 PM
THURS- 7:30 AM- 7:00 PM  (*Pizza from 5-7 PM*)
FRI- 7:30 AM- 7:00 PM         (*Pizza from 5-7 PM*)

SAT- 8:00 AM- 2:00 PM 
SUN- 10:00 AM -2pm            (*Pizza ALL DAY*)

Check out our shop page for more information about our products, classes and events. If you ever have any questions about PSB, please reach out!

Please be advised that our food may have come into contact or contain peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs, wheat, shellfish or fish. Please ask a staff member about the ingredients used in your meal before ordering. Thank you!